I’ve discovered Logseq months ago and started using it to take notes every days.

It turns out it is an awesome tool to organize your ideas and constitute a knowledge base.

It is focused on privacy by allowing user to store data locally and it is open sourced.

There is probably a lot of different usage to make with this tool, based on your personal goals and what it is used for.

Here are some features I found useful and some way of using Logseq.

Everyday Log

My first usage is to write down every ideas or important notes in a log (yeah, that’s probably why it’s named that way).

When a subject become important, you probably want to have a page related to this subject.

In Logseq you can create a new page by using #<page name> in you log, it will make a linked reference to this page.

Logseq log

The informations written bellow #Blog will be available at the bottom of the page. You can gather informations during your journey and compile it later in a page assembling informations on the same subject.

Logseq page

Using todo list

Whith a simple /, it is possible to acces builtin commands.

One of them is TODO that can add a checkbox on an item. It’s status can be changed by clicking to “DOING”, “LATER” or “DONE”.

Some useful plugins

Here is a quick list of plugins I find really helpful:

  • Bullet Threading: Add bullet threading to your active blocks

  • Emoji Picker: A plugin that lets you pick emoji

  • Journals calendar: A simple journals calendar

  • Daily TODO: Moves unfinished TODO tasks to new daily journals

  • Todo list: Show your all TODO items and easy to add new items on your today’s journal page


There is a lot of thing to share about Logseq, I will probably write more on this subject in the future.